Monday, September 29, 2003

0715 HRS and Bleary Eyed

Apart from being woken up every two hours by the children last night (they tag-teamed, who knows why...) I got up at 0600 HRS with the good-looking one, who had to go to work, to take the bins down to the end of the road for that great western tradition of getting rid of the waste products we produce with wild abandon to somewhere else where we don't have to think about what happens with them. In other words, our garbage becomes S.E.P. (someone else's problem) We better hope that one day (maybe soon) these byproducts of our rampant consumerism doesn't become very much EVERYONE"S PROBLEM! So what is Punk doing to reduce his waste production?...hmmm, well I do try to buy stuff that doesn't have too much packaging, or individually wrapped itsy-bitsy pieces...but I MUST do more...


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