Thursday, September 25, 2003

Why I couldn't connect and a bit about KILTS

Here we have a visual record of why I couldn't connect. To the left we have the broken telephone junction box...Physically ripped from it's moorings when the tree fell and clipped the power and telephone lines...I am just grateful no-one was near it when it fell. Another tree fell last night...Bigger than the first, but falling over our back fence and taking out another tree in it's path, no power lines or telephone wires involved this time...I am sort of over trees falling down at the moment, I tell you!
Can anyone tell me exactly what it is about a man wearing a kilt that makes women (and sometimes men) want to check underneath to see if there is any underwear in situ, as it were? My better half and I went out last night and a couple of my work colleagues had a great delight in running their hands over my legs. Myself, being an insatiable attention seeker, of course loved every minute of it....Perhaps that's why I wore my kilt, because I knew it would generate that sort of interest. LOL. Luckily my wife is quite understanding and not the least bit jealous...She also likes perving on my legs...
(Actually I wore the Kilt because the theme for the night was "Up Your Kilt" in honour of our two fine Scottish doctors Martin & Tim who were leaving the department to move on to other things...)


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