Saturday, September 27, 2003

Blogger is a positive force in this world!

Maybe I am idealistic, naive or just plain looney, but I think that perhaps if everyone could share their thoughts and fears and hopes (or their semi-incoherent ramblings like yours truly) as they can with blogger, then we may all see that there is a common thread of humanity, wonderful, funny, sad, mad and occasionally bad, that joins us all.....and perhaps take time to be nicer to people we meet in TRW. To clarify, I don't really think people are on the whole nasty or mean to each other in their daily lives, in my personal experience 99.9% of people (o.k. maybe 98%) I have ever interacted with are on the whole very good and generous people, but we are all human and sometimes forget the little courtesies in life! I have not (in my admittedly short) past history of blog-surfing, found one negative site yet, in a lot of cases I have found people generously sharing their knowledge and helping others in lots of varied ways (for example Meg's blog at Mandarin design) Then there are the many others who simply share their thoughts, letting us all know we are not so different after all, and yet uniquely different enough to make this world an amazingly interesting place to live on...and well, I don't know...can't we all try and get along? (ok, so maybe I'm trippin' - I don't've got to hope for something)
P.S. Just a funny side note...The BLOGGER spell checker (wonderful tool btw Blogger-People, thanks!) does not recognise the words "Blogger" or "Blog" ~ I'm sure most dictionaries will quite soon!
Peace, Love and mungbeans!


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