Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Morning Sleepy Head

Hello all. The enetation board keeps dropping out on me, so this morning I have only managed to say hello to Bryn from Cape Breton Island who left a message below...Hi Bryn, thanks for popping in. I will catch up with the other visitors after work tonight. I had an interesting evening at work yesterday, working in Triage for some of the afternoon, flat on my back for the other part ~ that's a story for later (actually a local witch who was disgruntled by our service turned me into a newt ...but I got better!) I hope everyone is having a good week so far, we think we may have wood borers in the floorboard after a stiletto heeled visitor of ours (Hi Cara) made a little dent in the floor that on closer inspection (and prodding) turned into a sawdusty hole...oh well. better look into that one (ummm...no pun intended)...take care all!


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