Monday, October 06, 2003

Very Very Very Late

Well, I really will be going to bed now. I have just spent the good part of the evening and early hours updating my old website Planet PunkClown at least that's what I used to call it, until I went all pretentious for a while and named it "The Art of Cameron Stephen" Phhhrrrrrtttt! I hope not to get so pretentious ever again... It had been about 1 year since I updated it's look and feel. It has some of my Photographs, Graphic Art, Some Flash Experiments and the still in progress. I will be popping the old "Australian Birdcalls" pages back in soon, they seemed to be popular with many of my visitors...Feedback on the new look most appreciated if you have time...and thanks to those from Meg's Blog who have taken the time to wander over I will say a fond goodnight to those I'm fond of... :-)>


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