Sunday, October 12, 2003

Oh, did I mention...

Baloney Dude? I have been so shift-lagged that I think I left him out of my thank you list down below, and I really don't want to forget a fellow Zappa fan! Actually, if I have forgotten anyone who has been kind enough to visit the site and leave feedback, my apologies, please let me know if you want to get a mention! (You know it's something you can put in your resume "Also mentioned @ PunkClown's Blog" Anyhows, back to Baloney Dude: I was answering his comment (in the previous post) about seasons being reversed depending on what hemisphere you are in - and remembered the probably useless but interesting thing that Northern Hemispherians' see the MOON differently to we in the Southern hemisphere's "upside down" apparently, although I haven't viewed this phenomenon myself, being a bit like Baloney Dude and not going anywhere much. Mrs. PC first noted this moon-thing when she lived in England for a couple of years, prior to meeting me (ah, those were her carefree days!) At left is a photograph of the 3/4 phase moon snapped through my 5" Schmidt-Cassegrain using my old 1.3 megapixel digital...(now defunct) There you Ryan would say...word, but I'm going to say paragraph! I Hope everyone is well!


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