Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Good afternoon!

Hello all. I am hoping that some of my friends from the Renderosity 2D Forum pop in to review the new layout of the site, blog and other stuff. HELLO 2d PEOPLE! *Waves madly* About every year or so I spring clean the web site I started 3 years ago (to teach myself HTML and the like) ~ so this is the 3rd revision. I am using css style sheets to define a lot of the content for the first time. Today, I have been checking 39 or so posts in the 2D forum at Renderosity, responding and updating a few things there (the members are doing some awesome stuff with our current theme which is " The Sleep of Reason"), boy are they prolific! Also, I have managed to get around to putting in some Australian Bird Calls on the "Other" page, these seemed to be a popular feature with visitors unfamiliar with some of the Australian flora and fauna, so I thought I should retain that ~ if you have never heard a Kookaburra's laugh, or a Bellbird chiming, then that would be where to do it...I have also popped another page of Photography in, I hope the carousel code doesn't make people too vertiginous. I hope everyone is healthy and happy!
addit: Thanks for visiting Maia, I appreciate the feedback on the carousel thingy! *BIG GRIN*


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