Friday, October 10, 2003

PunkClown WorkDaze

At work. Triage again. I feel like I have been here for ever. Soft tissue injuries, sprains strains and the like this morning. The occasional laceration. One guy sliced the end of his thumb off...ouch. One ambulance through so far...there will be more, no doubt about it. Why do feel I am always at work lately? Shift work does that sometimes...3 days on 1 off, 4 on 1 off...and so weiter...for a couple of weeks...oop the phone is ringing...someone not happy with their doctor ~ advice: seek a second opinion! Now a little boy has come through, very vague and "flat" - apparently he collapsed in school assembly...probability high that the lad has had an epileptic seizure methinks and is post-ictal, but that is not for me to say...I'll let the doctors do the diagnosing. :-)>
It must almost be time for me to have a morning tea-break....


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