Saturday, October 18, 2003

The Horrific Power of Beauty

That quote from one of the Renderosity regulars, Azha, in the 2D forum has a certain resonance hasn't it? It this particular case he was discussing the practice of foot-binding. Why does it seem to be women that are often the victims of fashion and fads? Female circumcision, Corsets, Dieting, Cosmetic surgery...I have a feeling it is less about fashion or aesthetics, rather more about power imbalance...mmmm. Food for thought, perhaps...
Speaking of Rendo, THANKS Cynthia and Pat for popping by, giving feedback and signing my guestbook, much appreciated. :-)>
Later that afternoon: Well! Busy day at work! It's the weekend...always people hurting themselves or getting crook on the weekend - especially when the sun is out! However, the other day (not the weekend) I thought it was the weekend as I triaged a squillion fractures (or # as we enter them on the computer) Yep, I think I irradiated 50% of the local populace by sending them for NIX (Nurse Initiated X-Rays).
P.S. Do you like the little E.C.G. trace that I made in flash and popped into the post below for a bit of dramatic effect? It's only 1 kb in size! Go on, turn up your volume & pop your mouse pointer over it...Oh I know, small things amuse...but I do like flash, it's got so much "play potential"!


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