Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Well, I have had such a pleasant couple of days, mowing the lawn in the sun yesterday, relaxing with my family (sort of), unfortunately the children have been a bit sick with a highly contagious foot, hand & mouth thingy - yes that's the technical term! It was no surprise to me then, when the computer decided to have a tantrum and freeze my OS every five minutes. I'm not sure what latest piece of software I have installed had thrown the spanner in the works...I suspect it may be the REAL player I downloaded so I could view some Dr. Who clips from the BBC. It seemed to all go tits up soon after I installed it anyway...could be a coincidence...Why can't sites like the BBC offer formats that will play on more than one player? - hey, here's a thought, even offer their clips in swf format?...I mean, according to Macr*media (yeah, I know they have a vested interest) 97% of all computers have a flash player on board...with real player...who knows? Another thing, why does every bloody media player that you install on your system want to take over control of all the bloody media formats? Leave them the fuck alone I say! *chuckle* OH well...after about 3 hours of fruitless trying to tinker the OS back into shape, I bit the bullet and restored my C: drive to an earlier (like one month ago) version...I won't be installing REAL player on the system, just in case...other than that it has been a GRAND day with the children whilst the better-looking one was doing the work thing...and I picked up my copy of The Matrix Reloaded so I shall be watching that tonight! Kewwwl....


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