Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Wednesday: Cloudy, Sunshine, Wind, Cloud Again, Rain, Thunder, Hail, More Rain,..Then it got dark...

That ends today's sky watch report. That's often what Melbourne is like in spring-time. Rieke left a message on my guestbook, thank you very much Rieke. She is a neighbor of mine you know...well sort country across to the west! We are all neighbors really if you look at how small this planet is compared to the rest of the cosmos...mmmmm. I am currently having cravings for coffee. I didn't realise I was so addicted to it, but I have this stupid thallium stress-test in the morning, and you can't imbibe coffee, tea or chocolate 24 hours prior or you might explode on the treadmill or something...
That's right! No CHOCOLATE either! Ah The deprivation! Then I spare a thought for those that count themselves lucky to have a bowl of rice for a meal...and feel quite lucky. But Geeez, I could still do with a coffee! BTW ~ has anyone else been having trouble viewing blogspot pages today? I tried to jump to plato-shrimp from meg's blog and got timed out, and trying to connect to this page to reply to comments (if there were any new) I got timed out as well...things are still slow (well they're always a bit slow on the modem) ummm, slower than usual connecting anywhere at the mo, so maybe it's my ISP.
Cause for celebration today: The youngest used the potty appropriately for the FIRST TIME! (sorry, I just had to share)


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