Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Morning....(Good - I hope)

Good morning. At least I hope it's a good day wherever you may be at the moment. I'm at work (still) with one patient in the monitored area (the room with all the machines that go beep) She is waiting for her husband to come to ED and take her home. She's CURED mate! At least for the moment. I am leaving her IV access in until she is almost out the door, however, as I have learnt from past experience that you just never know when you may need it...a few times a patient has collapsed and stayed for another few hours just when you thought they were going's like that. I've had a few visitors at my place like that in the past as well...just when you think (or hope) they're about to go home, they collapse back onto the sofa and ask for another cuppa...*chuckle*


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