Friday, October 24, 2003


things that irritate. When you go to a site, in my case a web-ring site I visited recently and tried to join...only to be taken to a log-in page that apparently requires a username and password (which I don't have, because I haven't joined yet...follow me?) Of course I am willing to concede that this could be an oversight of mine...perhaps I missed a BIG FLASHING box that says:
Register here before clicking on any of the other links!
I could very well have overlooked that, and am prepared to feel foolish when I am proved to be unobservant. But these things are IRRITATING. On an otherwise well designed site, why does this happen? I know I'm having a bit of a whinge, sorry, must have sleep-debt.
Post Script: Ok, the person that runs the web-ring got back to me and explained that a few things were broken on the web-ring at the moment and he hadn't had time to fix them because of studying for his degree at Uni. Now that I understand, having done (and still having to do) the study thing myself...and the thing is the fact that he got back to me at all regarding the feedback means a lot. I left some feedback at a "paying" blog service (I won't say which one) about a "feature" that seems to be broken, and I still haven't heard back from them yet...ho-hum. Everyone's busy...


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