Friday, October 31, 2003

Comments are going AWOL in hyperspace

~ enetation must be having some hiccups lately, and yes, checking their forums there have been, in particular the "invisible comments issue" along with other stuff. Here is a post from one of the enetation admins:...
Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:10 pm Post subject: Comment popup problem
Users are posting the same comment multiple times to a number of comment pages. We suspect this is because the comments don't always appear as soon as the page reloads but this is causing problems with the slave database servers on a large scale today. We will need to perform a full resync of the slave databases tonight.
It's an erratic problem, for example, the "Time Lag" post, I could read and reply to comments, but on the "New Links" post (where 2 comments are meant to be) I can't.... ~ So, if anyone has left comments, my apologies for #1 - not being able to view them and/or #2 - not being able to reply! Perhaps I should learn PHP (or whatever) and build my own comments form thingy....Anyone know of some good tutorials/ideas regarding this? Stay healthy & happy!


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