Saturday, November 01, 2003

Butcher Birds & Other Sadness

~ My wife told me something that made me feel sad and a bit angry this morning. Apparently one of our neighbours shot and killed the butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus) that frequents (or used to frequent) our abode...Mrs PC had noted that the little fella hadn't been around much lately, and our neighbour's wife (who teaches Piano to the good-looking one) told her what her husband had done, apparently because the bird had been bombing them or some such rot...I mean shoot the poor thing? How about getting the garden hose out and spraying it with water? Why does the Alpha male homo-sapiens have to respond to every irritation or perceived threat with violence?

Then later this morning, my in-laws came over with some very sad news concerning the sudden death of a good friend of my wife's, Jill in England. Jill and Derek had taken in my wife when she travelled to England in her early 20's, knowing very few people in a different country - opening their house and hearts to her (and my sister-in-law too, when she went over there later) with great generosity. ..I have been fortunate enough to meet Jill and Derek when they travelled over here a couple of years ago, as well as getting to know two of their lovely daughters Bec and Em while they were travelling Australia. Jill and Derek struck me as a great couple with a fantastic senses of humour and a wonderful verve for life. I know Jill will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and love go out to Derek and the rest of the family over their loss.


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