Thursday, November 06, 2003

Site Map Update

It is done, here ~ after playing around with css menu items and the placement thereof, and finding out that I had stuffed up half of the addresses to my internal links during testing...HAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA but it's done now and I don't care...It's on the home page menu, instead of a silly # address where home used to be in the menu, which was really redundant wasn't it because you were already on the home page and yes I'm rambling now with very little punctuation at all writing writing madly ha perhaps I should join the nanowrimo thingy or even crazier thought the metamorphosism challenge-thang yes, thats it!!!! THATS IT! Ummm...No it isn't...I definitely should have worn more sunscreen or a hat or something when I mowed the lawn today I think. It's those damn solar flares frying my synapses ~ check em out at Gary's blog - but you better wear shades!
[Listening to: Time - Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd Disc 2 (06:48)]


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