Wednesday, November 05, 2003


~ where does time go? I seem to let it slip through my fingers these wife says I spend a lot of time "futzing" (as she calls it) on the computer...time wasting, I think she Dial up contributes to a hell of a lot of futzing time I think... ah...what a strange sad, happy, sad few days...but I feel tired at the moment. Of course you do you silly man - it's gone past 2400hrs! Some things that reinvigorates me: Sunshine, Children's laughter, running my fingers through my wife's hair, friends words...Some things that amaze me...other peoples resilience in times of trouble, others capacity to help others when their well is nearly dry....things like that. Another thing that amazes me is the amount of boundless energy, good vibes and creativity that can be packaged into one human being ~ like my friend Meli!
[Listening to: Mantra - Tool - Lateralus (01:13)]


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