Tuesday, November 04, 2003


quackI was working on the Rendo 2D Forum "November theme page" today: Chiaroscuro *lol* - don't ask, oh ok...ask...If you're interested go here....but I had to stop for a while because I was tracing the source of a sound Jane and I had been hearing most of the day, a baby bird's cry, which we figured must be a fledgling that had fallen from it's nest...we couldn't pinpoint it because of the other noise around at the middle of the day...all the other bird calls, the kids running around yelling and so forth...until finally I decided it was coming from under the verandah....sure enough, I crawled under the verandah and found a little duckling, not more than a week old...no sign of it's mother anywhere...so I have been busy setting up a box with warmth and food etc. for it...it seems fairly ok now, and I think it's imprinted on me...the eldest decided it should be named "Quack" - looks like we've been adopted by yet another animal! Boy, it's been a strange week, what with Beth and the possum and the butcher-bird and so forth...
[Listening to: Dimension D - Patrick O'Hearn - Between Two Worlds (04:58)]


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