Monday, November 10, 2003

Macro Mouse and Visitors to PunkClown House/Site/Thingy

Thank you to Linda, of pernicious bloggage by chlora form the cat fame...Hey, anyone who puts a word like pernicious in their blog name has got to be cool! She popped in and signed my guest book leaving this nice message:
From what I've seen so far, lovely site. Cant remember how I got here, but once I was I hung around and read your blog. Very very nice. I'll be back. Your welcome to visit me at Pernicious Bloggage by Chlora Form the Cat. Not as snappy as yours but it serves. I try to be interesting and/or funny. Sometimes I succeed.
Thanks Linda, I appreciate the feedback, I have visited your blog and think you succeed with being interesting and funny rather well...I particularly liked your last post reviewing Moulin Rouge, I must say the musical about Genital Warts sounds...ummm different!
Thanks also to dear Meli who made an entry in my guest book as well, and told me she was concerned about my love of jellyfish...*evil grin* I have moved the Jelly Fish photograph into the latest thang archives now Meli...all I have managed to get time to do recently has been to take a macro photo of my mouse...tres exciting I don't think, but hey...I'm sure things will get more interesting (or at least slightly preposterous) soon! Cheers everyone....


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