Friday, November 21, 2003

Good Bad or just Indifferent?

Very interesting...In the course of following links from a friend of mines live journal thingy ~ I stumbled across this site that has a tool to determine how evil or good your site (or a particular block of text) is ~ so I gave it a go...I'm not as evil as I thought I might have been...or at least this blog isn't! (and I was even listening to Alice Cooper at the time) - Is this be something I should work on? (you can try it out yourself by clicking on the 32% Evil graphic) Oh and to Kat, Pat and anyone else who may have tried to leave an enetation comment re: the cave pics, thanks, and sorry it doesn't seem to be working. Eventually, maybe I will learn how to make my own comments interface that I can host myself...actually I see that pat's comment from a few days ago and one ryan left are showing now...but not Kat's...very, very strange. Comment gremlins!
addit: I just ran 5,000 words of an old essay I did for Uni through the evil/good comboobulator-thingy and it came out to be surprisingly good! (Shame the lecturer didn't think so...*chuckle*) What fascinates me is the way the goodness/evil quotient is determined; for example:
Value of phrase "the triage categorization of the patient is derived through determining the patient’s specific need." 5719 5719=7x817
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