Tuesday, November 18, 2003


The "latest thang" image is a shot of some geological formations found in the limestone caves near Buchan, Victoria, Australia...It's hard to believe I was only there with the family yesterday, it seems like another (entirely alien) world away. I shall put together a little gallery of some of the photographs I managed to take while touring one of the cave systems soon for those who may be interested in looking at more of this sort of thing. Let me also take this opportunity to thank Mr. Lawn Greengrass from Stratford Upon Avon-The Truth for kindly contacting me and pointing out I was getting my u's & e's mixed up in amateur (in my blog-descriptive-thing bit). He needn't have apologized for said corrections in his email, for I am well aware that my spelling (& grammer) occasionally leaves a lot to be desired and any corrections are taken in the spirit they are given, in good faith. Thanks to anyone who has actually decided to check back and see if I am blogging again too! I think I shall be spending the next few days catching up with the multitude of ebots I have received from Renderosity...
addit: I have now included a small gallery of 8 images from the Buchan Cave tour...here
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