Saturday, November 29, 2003

Sex, Lies and Research ~ and what we believe because it's on the net...

This is a slightly different post for me (don't think it is out of character however, I may post entries that talk about sex at any time without warning) but I read something recently that did make me chuckle. No doubt everyone else has already heard about this, but I don't care...In a recent article in the The Melbourne Age Bettina Arndt, Australian media writer and psychologist discussed the idea, which I very much agree with, that Of course sex is very good for us. Isn't it? The article was actually exploring research attempting to link good health to frequent sex, but one of the more amusing parts of the article had to do with a student by the name of Brandon Williamson who (as a joke) thought he would pen an article titled "Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women", insert a CNN banner on top of the page and pop it up on his college webpage, subsequently the article made news around the world, being taken as fact. After all the fuss had died down, young Brandon explained himself here. What I think amused me the most about this story though, was that (according to Arndt) Brandon apologized to his University, CNN and to "all men who did not take advantage of this article in time to get head" ~ I admire a well-honed ironic sense of political - incorrectness!
addit: Speaking of sex, see the latest weird & wonderful search queries leading here, listed below ~ No doubt I shall get a few more "sex" hits after this particular entry above...I have no idea where the female circumcision bit came from, I'm sure I have never discussed that barbaric practice in this blog. ~ I was glad to see a Zappa query there, along with Lateralus by Tool and one about Gremlin theme piano tabs??
Google: "female circumcision" pictures
Google: pictures of a female with female circumcision
Google: tool theme windows lateralus
Google: flash swf dont eat yellow snow frank zappa
MSN Search: amatuer wife sex pictures
Google: cool addit
Google: Gremlins theme piano tabs
Google: pics of weird sex postures


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