Saturday, December 13, 2003

Changed comments thingy...

Poor old enetation seemed a bit temperamental, so I am trying out haloscan, from what I have seen it seems to be fairly stable. Thanks to all those who left comments on the old system, sorry they have all disappeared* well, technically I think they haven't...they exist as energy somewhere (probably on enetations servers for a while)...Please continue to comment! Not much to say about today...I did some brush-cutting in anticipation of fire and snake in the long-grass season, and then it rained, quite a bit...The good-looking one and I watched "Enigma" (once the rugrats finally settled) and enjoyed it...time for bed. I will be catching up with a few posts at rendersosity time to do that today kept getting interrupted...I was pleased today to see one of my good Internet friends exposed in the Computer Arts Magazine Exposure section. Way to go Bev! I don't have that issue, I will try and find it....An outstanding artist, you can also see more of her artwork in her online portfolio here! Sublime.
Addit: *I have saved all archives for the last 4 months separately and the original comments for those months are still accessible, when enetation is working properly, it is only the comments from this month up to this post that are lost...
I am currently getting this message:
We are sorry, but a temporary problem is preventing your request from being completed.
The system administration team for Blog*Spot has been notified.
Error: 500
when trying to view punkclown daze to see if my changes have been implemented. The backroom stuff at blogger seems to be working however, as I was able to retrieve my template and this post to update it. Strange!


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