Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Morning Mist in the Forest ~ Photo Friday entry at aporealityCool! My second only submission to Photo Friday achieved a "noteworthy mention" for the Morning theme ~ wrapped I am...*grin*
Hi all btw, yes, I'm still here...sorry! I'm on one day off in a stretch of quite a few, and playing Mr. Mum whilst the good-looker is at work...hmmm (better check on the rugrats in a mo...)
Although apathy is a big problem, it really isn't what has prevented me from blogging on...Along with a few other projects, and things like errr...living, I have been busy preparing graphics and text and power point presentation (ughhh, pp would have to be a pet dislike of mine) stuff to give a bit of education on neurological assessment and care of unconscious patients to a Graduate Nurse group at my hospital (a word my father used to love pronouncing in a silly way so it came out sounding like "horse-piddle")....ummm...ok, more later, for now, go check out my noteworthy photo and leave some glowing comments *LOL*


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