Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Ok, just for (questionable) laughs...give this one a try. Here's the last entry in this blog (below) interpreted by The Jar-Jargonizer, but you can run any url through it...Thanks to Jana, my mad work friend for this one...
All night Mee-sa was hav'in weird dreams starr'in Qui-Gon Lee Skywalk-a in post apocalyptic saga where he seema to be "walk'in the land" so to speak, with some elements of Monty Python's Life of Brian thrown in...then the alarm goes BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP...Mee-sa start awake, swing my legs out of bed an' as my feet hit the floor, my right foot steps on someth'in fluffy an' Bantha starts trumpet'in at mee-sa! (Startl'in mee-sa tad to say the least...) "Bloody hell" Mee-sa mumble to my wife who by now squint'in at mee-sa through half awake eyes an' who starts giggl'in...between my dreams an' liv'in with our Jawas my life quite surreal at times. Which, Mee-sa suppose no necessarily bombad thing...
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