Sunday, March 07, 2004

Different photoblog site-thingy

Well, although I really liked the moveable type options, I have generated a new/different photoblog at a different site and listed it with I also uploaded a few of my past "latest things" images that were specifically ermm, photographs, as well as some photographs I took in the past that some people may not have seen. I have called it exposure (continually changing my mind) aporeality. Hope to be able to update it and this blog regularly in the future, but I may be sporadic, as I have to prepare some lecture material on neurological observations, specifically the Glasgow Coma Scale and care of the unconscious patient for presentation (by yours truly) to some new grads early next month. What fun!
addit: Thanks heaps to Melissa from Butterfly Teeth who gave me feedback on the photos, I'm not sure why Haloscan ate that reply, I am seeing an SQL error message, but I retrieved your message from the haloscan site:
AWESOME photos!!!!!

Why, thank you Melissa! *grin*


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