Friday, February 13, 2004

Above is a header logo-thing I have been working on for a friend from work ~ still in developmental stages, it's about a program to teach people paediatric resuscitation skills I think...
Meg asked "it is varying based on mathematics? It doesn't appear to be a repeating pattern" - regarding the graphic example of the henon phase variations below...the equation itself meg, is:
xn+1 = xn cos(a) - (yn - xn2) sin(a)
yn+1 = xn sin(a) + (yn - xn2) cos(a)
which graphs a point along a 2-dimensional plane x and y which after a number of iterations gives us a lovely fractal pattern, the nature of which changes depending on what value is entered for a. The example below runs the equation for a certain number of iterations (the more iterations the more complex the picture, but the slower the render time) - It varies because each time it runs a random variable is set for a - I've been a bit tricksy and set some other random variables into the equation, such as line thickness and so on as well, but basically that's the gist of it. Paul Bourke who wrote the equation above, is a faculty member of the centre for astrophysics and supercomputing at Swinburne University in my home town of Melbourne and he has many other fascinating experiments that can be seen here.


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