Monday, February 09, 2004


This little thingy was modified by myself after being borrowed/stolen from Keith Peter's (BIT 101) site after he copied it from Jared Tarbell's Complexification site...
Ok! Onto VARIATIONS on a basic theme, know what a basic theme is...
If you happen to have the Netscape 6x or 7 browser, under the View menu, there is a Use style submenu that if there are alternate styles available will allow you to use them. This page and the links page have 2 other css style variations at the moment - underground and variationB, tres exciting... IE5/Mac users can use the "Choose stylesheet" favelet available at apparently, not that I have tried this option. The application possibilities beyond mere eye-candy and punk-amusement is quite significant however, especially in terms of accesibility. So there you go, back to a bit of techy blogging. Passionately techy though, passionately ~ I just love fiddling about with this sort of stuff, but it makes the GLO's eyes glaze over....I really don't know why!


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