Wednesday, February 04, 2004

It was bound to happen...

someone has devoted an entry in their blog (sort of) to an entry in mine! ~ but I didn't think such a large piece of text would be given over to a discussion by Mr Useless on my little entry on attempting to have passionate stance on things I write (a few posts back) ~ Actually what I really love about this guy is that he continually brightens my day and makes me giggle by interspersing random Zappa quotes into his entries, like:
"Mmmm, I think my lips are getting heavy."
"I never know when you're telling me the truth!"
"I'm not."
"Then how do I know that anything you've said to me is--"
"You don't."
anyhow, Baloney dude...ah Mr. Useless, thanks for the Zappa, thanks for reading my stuff and thanks for discussing my random mumblings too. Anyone interested can read what he has to say about what I had to say here: The Morning Retort ...more on this later! (I think)...shake up the pale dry ginger ale!


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