Friday, January 16, 2004


Michelle of Mandarin Design has this article on her site: Accessibility is Boring! has gradually dawned on me that my blog probably wasn't all that accessible (hopefully not too boring however!) So I have spent the good part of today attempting to make it more accessible for say, visitors who have less-than-perfect vision...I have addressed the text size issue mainly. Most browsers I know have text size adjustment capabilities...sometimes Ctrl and the Mouse-Wheel will change the size of the text. Getting all the elements on the page to not look too jumbled on a page like this, which has graphics as well, wasn't easy for a non-web designer like me. Remember, I just do this stuff in my spare time, I am really a nurse by profession...and nurses don't study a lot of web-design during their education, or job...having said that I do know of one nurse who resides in Melbourne who does a smashing job of web-design. He works on a Mac...I am starting to think that all Mac owners have inherent talent for design stuff...
anyway I am using this new template...with text at medium (on IE) it should be readable enough, but if needed the size can can be increased. (Testing it now it seems if the text size is anything less than medium you can't read it at all...) I have changed this so that the sizing changes are actually less dramatic across the board by specifying the initial font-sizes as percentages rather than ems. Anyway ~ Let me know how it works for you, or if it's completely rubbish...


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