Thursday, January 08, 2004

Playing with cross-browser DOM objects

I really missed my "Latest Thang" - I had a thing about it...sure, the random image script above is ok, but it's too small for my taste...I like BIG GRAPHICS, but they screw up the layout of the page somewhat...("You call this page layed-out?" I hear you cry...ah, yes...point taken...) So...I forced myself to look into this Document Object Model thing and code some into my now I have this little thumbnail of a latest graphic thang, be it a photo or artwork of mine - which you can click to get the larger picture up on page, as the thumbnails don't really have the potential to show much do they? Click on the thumbnail to toggle the large image on/off, or you can just click on the large image itself to disappear the current time the image is of some graffiti I photographed back in the late 1990's, which adorned a concrete retaining wall on the west bank of the Yarra River, along the bike path between Bridge Rd and Victoria St. This particular artwork was approximately 2.5 x 3.5 metres in dimension. In the old days the good-looking one and I lived almost opposite this great example of urban graffiti, over on the other side of the river...we did a lot of bike-riding and walking along that bike path back then...
Anyway, we don't live there anymore, and the last time I checked, this graffiti had gone, which is a shame...does anyone from Melbourne remember this artwork? Better still, does anyone know who created it?


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