Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year! (and I hope you don't GPFO)

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! In a few hours by our time zone the clock will strike midnight and it shall become 2004 in the PunkClown household. I will probably be in bed at this time, as I have to work in E.D. in the morning, and heaven knows what the New Year's revelry will bring to us in the way of ETOH poisoning, injuries and the like...There used to be a acronym widely used in casualty departments and by ambulance crews: G.P.F.O. or P.F.O.
~ this stood for Got Pissed Fell Over or Pissed Fell Over. Political correctness decrees that we don't use this term anymore, no matter how accurate it may be. I bet the Politically correct bureaucrats who decreed this have never been vomited at, had punches thrown at them or been subject to the wonderful verbal abuse that nurses and medicos often have to deal with in their professional capacities whilst looking after these patients...It's part of the job, and we deal with it, and work on as well as we can under such conditions, in order to alleviate the pain and suffering of these individuals, or prevent them form becoming even more unwell as a sequela of their condition - but just let us have a little light-heartedness to help relieve the stress every now and then! Let's bring back the category GPFO!!
Our children have been acting possessed this evening ( well, more possessed than usual) and as a consequence Mrs P.C and I are a bit weary and not really in a good mood to see the New Year in, so I hope 2004 can start off a bit happier! I better go off-line and head upstairs now to see if I can cheer my beloved up a smidgeon...Now where was that champagne?


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