Thursday, January 01, 2004

New Years Day and Goodbye Lenin!

Work this morning wasn't too bad, a few people sleeping off hangovers in the department, but it was quite civilised!
In the evening, the good-looking one and I went to the Cameo (see previous entry on the opening of the Cameo here) and saw Goodbye Lenin in Cinema 3.
This film is very touching and speaks volumes on the power and hidden pit-falls of love and white lies. It is produced by the people who brought us the excellent Run Lola Run. Set during the tumultuous time when that saw the fall of the GDR in the late 1980's it revolves around one Mother who was in a coma during these events due to suffering a heart-attack and subsequent oxygen deprivation to the brain. Eventually she surfaces from the coma, but is not to be subjected to any great stress or shocks, so the doctor tells her son and daughter, for fear she may suffer from another, potentially fatal, heart-attack. So follows the imaginative efforts of her son Alex to shield her from the changes that occurred to his mother's beloved socialist state. Often very funny and with many poignant moments as well, this film was very enjoyable and I think deserved the awards it garnered: Best Film – European Film Awards 2003, Winner of 9 German Film Awards, Best European Film – 2003 Berlin Film Festival.
addit: Before the film we met Eddie Tamir (the owner of The Cameo and also of The Classic Cinema in Elsternwick) personally, a friendly and polite fellow (Mrs P.C. was impressed because he was old-fashioned enough to shake our hands and introduce himself) He must have thought I was a bit of a weirdo, because in my sleepyhead state I had first rudely asked him "if he was Eddie", and mumbled something about how I had reviewed the opening of the cinema on my site. Melbourne Blogs published my Initial review of the opening too, but without the photo...Incidentally, I can cheerfully report that the new sound system in Cinema 3 of The Cameo was just as good as the one in Cinema One ~ Excellent acoustics!
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