Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I have made use of a variation of the css div style on my blog title, the application of which meg of Mandarin Design shared in her post here recently. I notice it works in IE, but not Mozilla...the text looks jagged with the filter on my browser...This shadow filter also works in IE if you wrap it around an image as seen here (example of an image with the shadow filter css div style applied)...
addit: Meg has kindly been checking the jagged look of the text on a few different boxes, and the jaggies are there for the IE 6 Browser it seems...I also tried a few different fonts, but still got the jaggies. I will experiment more when I have the time....does anyone know if there is an anti-alias filter style definition? That would be nice! I have removed the shadow filter from the title now, but left the title colour which is: #B1B128 for those who like that lime-greeny look! BTW ~ *Important note: In css style and HTML etc. my English/Australian taught spelling of colour won't must be spelled COLOR. Another note: The "softer grey" shadow color I used with the post tilte and the images below is #5A5F64.
The nice fellow who repaired our piano last year is back this morning to fix a recalcitrant D key...


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