Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Everyday matters...

I just found this site via Loobylu a fellow blogger (and artist) from Melbourne...Whilst talking about moleskin sketchbooks she referred to Everyday Matters ~ Danny Gregory's weblog pages...great sketches and reading. Here is an excerpt, which echoes some of the things I say about "seeing" in the interview part of my "about" pages...Looking is a language. Look: a dog, a tree, a car, a man. We apply labels to things in order to understand and process them. In Genesis, God has Adam name the animals. Labels makes abstract thinking possible. But because we over do it, looking replaces seeing and we soon stop seeing things for what they truly are....(from "Seeing Bread" at Everyday Matters - Danny Gregory's weblog) I was so inspired that I went to Amazon and bought his book Everyday Matters straight away... (thus endeth the advertisement *chuckle*) ~ I just haven't told my wife I have bought another book on the internet yet!
[Current Audio Stimuli: Measured Room, A - Brian Eno - Music For Films [UK] (01:03)]


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