Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Mediative Focus

This flash experiment, a mutation of the previous examples, reminds me somewhat of traditional and some contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art, with its pointillism and linework. This is not a static work of art however - it is a constantly changing cyber organism, made of light and quickened by the processing power of your computer, rather than an organism of cells and bio-electrical energy. What is it's purpose? Many would say it is mere eye-candy, and they may have a certain point. I feel "eye candy" to be a rather dismissive term though. For myself, I find this and some of the other flash experiments I have done quite peacefull and hypnotic to contemplate, similar to the meditative focus of the pendulum or candle flame, like watching the ever changing patterns of clouds, or waves coming into shore. Whatever it is, I hope it serves to amuse you the visitor for a few moments at least! To download it for your own amusement, right click here. (Gary at tfs reluctant has a smaller version for download too...)


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