Sunday, February 15, 2004

Another Sunday in Triage

Another torrent of faces this afternoon evening, sick, hot children, lacerated hands, broken bones and general illness coming in the doors. Many genuinely in need of medical review today, some that simply seemed unwilling to pay a token fee to see their local doctor tomorrow (which moneys would probably equate to a mere fraction of their weekly expenditure on nicotine and/or alcohol) There are always a certain percentage who present to the Accident and Emergency Department who have suffered neither an accident or are in a state that could be described as an emergency ~ please excuse my tired cynicism...Ah well, I have come home to my lovely family and to sleep for 7 hours before presenting back to ED for a morning shift. I hope every one has or is having a nice weekend. Below are some framegrabs of 3 swf's 100 x 100 in dimension, with the code you will need to use them if you wish. Just remember to replace *swfname* with the name under the images. *Note: I haven't loaded the actual swf's because too many swf's like these running on the one page may slow down your processor, as they are all driven to one degree or another by mathematical functions...If you want you can save them to your own server to use from there (by right clicking and "save target as" on the thumbnail), as I'm not sure how long I will be with my current server (or indeed how much space I have left in my allocated 10mb home page space my ISP has given me...I had better check I suppose!)

Rad4c100         2Slynky100         Hvar100
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