Sunday, February 22, 2004

Good Heavens...

Is it Sunday evening already? We have had a whirlwind week...First I work six shifts running, a couple of early morning shifts and four late ones...then friday we have Beth (my sister in law) and Paul's wedding, which was a wonderful occasion. The reception was held at a sailing club overlooking Elwood beach, with wonderful food prepared by Paul, Beth and some of their friends. Alcohol was laid on in abundance but Jane and I didn't really get drunk. The children were with us until about 2030hrs when my Mum took them home to her place for the night...Our friends who lived in Newport offered to put us up for the night, so a taxi-bus was called close to midnight. The ride in that was hilarious in itself with much merry making and our dear friend Nat lolling into Sonia's fella Tony's lap every time the minibus took a curve. The next day (Saturday) pretty well was accounted for, picking our car up from Beth & Paul's and making our way across town to fetch the children and get home finally mid-afternoon. After that, recuperation, of sorts. Today we went to my out-laws to met with Paul's family, the Irish contingent again, for a good old Aussie BBQ. Paul's parents and brother and sisters and their partners are great value and have a wonderful sense of fun...all in all it's been a wonderful and exciting time. Back to reality and work in the morning, and I must catch up with all the wonderfully patient members of the 2D forum I moderate at Renderosity to update this months current theme gallery (which is hands and feet) Ah bed now and sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow I think, the way I'm feeling! Take care all, I hope everyone else is healthy and happy wherever you may be...


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