Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Haircut and gel...

My wife was inconsolable the other day...turned her back for a second and the two and a half year old somehow managed to sneak into the bathroom and obtain some scissors from the hair trimming kit....With tears in her eyes (my wife) comes to me with a handful of golden locks...Yes, our daughter had given herself a mullet! Thankfully she hadn't put her eye out with the scissors in the process. My wife was upset because little miss naughty is to be a flower-girl at my sister in laws wedding in two days time...later, after the initial shock subsided, my dearest one and I had a good laugh over the incident. Our youngest has the sweetest face so she can carry it off....and there's always the hairband solution. As a sequel to this, yesterday we turned our back again for a just a millisecond and little miss naughty managed to experiment with the "clag" (the name we have for children's hobby paper glue) all through her hair, giving herself a bit of a "punk-mullet" style. She's ahead of her time, I swear!


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