Thursday, February 26, 2004

Happy Anniversary Baby...

Yes, four years today! I love you wife, love you! (and a little image for anyone curious enough to want to see how beautiful The Good Looking One really is (I think this proves beyond a doubt that she deserves that title, hmmm?) I also included this image for those curious as to how I look in a kilt. yowza!

also ~ More Distraction from the creator of "the scribbler" ~ on further investigation I found his whole site to be a cornucopia of amusing and interesting exercises, "toys" and flash videos. I particularly liked his "Dance Properly" and "My Cat Annie" pages, but there are many interesting and wonderful things to see and do...I've only touched the tip of a creative iceberg here (set aside a few hours).
But wait! There's more! I would also like to thank my latest visitor finelyspungirl for popping in and leaving some nice comments! (and also patty, downsydup, Dreamway, Agnes from Paris, Gilles from London, Ali from Malaga, and Pacale from somewhere... ah, the UK I think, for visiting, leaving comments and signing the guest book and so forth) - sorry I'm late responding to all that, but thanks!


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