Sunday, February 27, 2005

Paramedics at 0530HRS and unfortunately moronic twerps

26 February 05(Click on image to see larger photo on my photoblog) ~ Nigel (at left) and Gerard, a couple of really nice guys and regular visitors to our work whilst fulfilling their professional responsibilities as paramedics. Here they can be seen early on a Sunday morning filling in their paperwork for the case they had just brought in, a young man found in an altered conscious state after allegedly ingesting a tablet (or tablets) of unknown composition. He had a Glasgow Coma Score of 6 when they first attended him (which is pretty unresponsive) Thankfully he roused later on with no seeming adverse side-effects from his self-experimentation with chemical substances.
Last night was truly a horrible shift. The staff were being called all sorts of really rude & nasty things and having physical violence threatened from a extremely obnoxious intoxicated young man (not the fellow I was just talking about) who had been a bloody idiot and driven whilst drunk. He crashed his car (surprise surprise) thankfully not hurting any innocent bystanders but possibly fractured his own leg which had already been fractured previously and had a pin in it. He was also giving a good impression of someone who had sustained head injuries as he was behaving very innapropriately even for a drunk person, but then again he could just be a naturally (pre-morbidly) rude, ignorant and nasty young twerp...hoh hum. I am soooo tired, and not a little ill from having my circadian rythym turned topsy-turvy - but my stint on night shift is over thankfully and I will return to whatever passes for normal for me shortly...I hope!


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