Sunday, March 13, 2005


I really should go to bed but wifeperson has pulled another nightshift and I am a terrible sook and insomniac when she is away at the salt-mine. Speaking of the salt-mine, my last shift involved an elderly lady who had been feeling unwell and put herself to bed for a few days, drinking little and eating even less. A friend who usually talks with her via telephone each day became concerned and visited to find her quite debilitated, so rang for an ambulance. When she arrived to ED she was responsive and able to answer questions but something was not quite right - you know, when you get that strong intuition that even though vital signs are ok and all that, a person's condition is going to take a nose dive sometime very soon unless supportive measures are put in place? Sure enough soon after arriving she arrested but revived with some CPR and adrenaline. She went flat again however - as it turned out at some stage of the game her heart was in EMD or electro mechanical dissociation where you see an ecg trace but have no cardiac output to speak of. Very unwell in other words. Eventually this poor soul was tubed and transported to the nearest ICU bed. I'm not sure how she is doing now...
Bugger all this! ABC's rage is playing video hits from too long ago and the contemporary ones they have played are simply mangled cover versions of even older songs so I think I really will go to bed now...night all! (Even though I know in this wonderful internet world of no time-zone boundaries night, day and even lunch-time is all relative I shall still cling to tradition) - oh hell, I just realised it's technically morning, oh well, good morning all...


Blogger meg@mandarin said...

I love this stuff, reading about your intuition and patients and how you think and proceed.

BTW, lately it has been difficult to comment here. Guess it's a Blogger thing?

19/3/05 03:41  

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