Saturday, March 26, 2005

Freezing the ever moving now.

Do you like ? I do. I find it relaxing to capture slices of time and space at a perfect moment, freezing the ever moving now. I'm not sure why I'm talking about this at the moment...I suppose I'm just unravelling a bit after a fairly constant night at triage. After years of using an SLR (A Ricoh KR-10) I purchased an Agfa CL-34 and ventured into the world of digital photography. It was only 1.3 megapixel and cost as much as a decent 4 megapixel with far more features does these days, but it was cool. Now I have a Canon G5 and hope one day to manage to save for a digital SLR. Just recently, however, I had a desire to return to analogue photography for a while. Sure I could buy some 35mm film and start shooting with the Ricoh again, but i wanted to do something different and hopefully challenge myslf creatively and artistically, so I have ordered a lomo supersampler, which should arrive next week, and a lomo fisheye, which will arrive who knows when...stay tuned for further developments, and stay tuna for fisheye developments...


Blogger Ben said...

Welcome to the world of lomography! I'm sure you'll find it fun. There are some interesting things happening - Casey and I are trying some digital wizardry to imitate the lomo effect, though this has not been without some controversy. Updates on our progress to follow :)

27/3/05 15:55  
Blogger -ms jumbled mind- said...

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27/3/05 19:19  
Blogger George said...

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