Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mungo Dawn

I woke before dawn and packed the car, making sure I remembered to grab all of my Polaroid film out of the bar fridge, as I nearly left it behind at Wentworth the previous morning. Driving out towards the "Walls of China" I was careful to travel slowly enough to stop for any wildlife crossing the road and sure enough there were a few Kangaroos out and about. One big old red male waited until I was almost on him (mind you by that stage I was only driving at walking speed) before glaring at me one last time and bounding off across the scrubby landscape.

Once at the Walls, I set up my digital camera on a tripod in front of a likely looking formation and set the intervalvometer to 1 min intervals for 100 shots. I wandered around shooting quite a few Polaroids of the area whilst the digital captured what I hoped would be a reasonable time-lapse sequence. It didn't turn out too badly, but I must admit the afternoon-dusk light was more dramatic the day before, the morning light seemed a bit washed out. Next time I go I'll be a bit more prepared and organised.


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