Monday, August 28, 2006

Road to Mungo

Road trips. It's a funny thing...making the road trip up the Calder Hwy to Mildura brought back so many memories of my childhood. The place names that go past as the car makes its way north so familiar. The connection is strong. My father was an auditor with a major Australian bank back when country towns still had branches. On school holidays he would request country audits so he could take the family "bush" with him on his job. My sister and I were lucky to experience the peculiar magic of some great country towns. Wycheproof, where the train runs down the middle of the main road for 700 meters, St. Arnaud with it's central park complete with lake and swans, Mildura (well, Red Cliffs really) and "Big Lizzy" Crazy place names like Ouyen and Carwarp. Huge silos beside the rail line running parallel to the road for much of the way...


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