Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Meg has moved on...

Meg - Michelle Goodrich has left us. Many, many people from all over the world knew her through her wonderful site Mandarin Design, more specifically through her blog associated with that site The Meg Blog. She was one of the very first people who contacted me when this blog first started, indeed most of the nifty tricks and layouts here are learnt from Michelle. I cannot adequately express how sad I feel, how many of us must feel.
My thanks to Stu for emailing the sad news.
I never met Michelle personally, but her warmth and generous spirit shone through in everything she did on the web and I felt I knew her as a friend.

On the 13th of June she sent me this email talking about one of the photos of mine I was honoured to have had used to illustrate some of her coding examples on her site. I hadn't gotten around to answering it yet, sorry Meg...I don't think you would mind me sharing it, it just shows a small glimpse of your warm soul and I would like to answer it now.

Did you ever think the bouquet you bought for your wife would last so long?

I'm never sure on whether to credit the photographer every time. I think you don't mind, right? The callas are good for many examples and as you notice I tend to think of them when there is a coding example and each time they just work. Not too masculine, not too feminine. A perfect composition.

Some screen prints of Mandarin are being used in a text book - printed in 28 countries they say. Like most of these things I did a "permission granted" not knowing what they will be using. So, if your callas show up in a text book it's my fault. Most likely we will never see it. That what we do, you and I, can be used for educational purposes is rewarding, eh? Well, I suppose you have learned to protect what shouldn't be duplicated, replicated, or whatever.

I hope all is well with you Cam. We miss you at Mandarin. I don't hang out so much myself anymore. Don't blog around much. Be well my friend. Peace to you and your family.

Dear Michelle,
no, I never thought these flowers would last so long, but I'm glad they did. I never thought the time you would be around would be so short either. I count myself fortunate to have "met" you Meg, my life (and my web skills) are better because of it.
You were always welcome to use my images in whatever way you saw fit. I know you liked these Callas, I have always associated them fondly with you and always will...I think of them as yours.
We will all miss you Meg. Wherever you are I know you will be warming others with kind spirit. My thoughts go out to your family and those who knew and loved you personally.



Anonymous Amy said...

Although I did not know Meg, I am so sorry to hear that you've lost a dear friend and mentor, Cam. Those Calla Lilies are beautiful and so were your words about Meg.

7/7/06 04:46  
Blogger kara said...

I just checked out her site last week. I've tried many of her CSS styles and even downloaded some of her images.
She had a knack of describing CSS at a basic level. And always answered feedback.
She will be missed.
Thanks for sharing.
~ Spacetramp

13/7/06 06:08  
Blogger PunkClown said...

Thanks Amy & Kara...it is still seems strange to me that her friendly replies and always helping hand won't be around anymore.
Thanks for taking the time to comment, and sorry I've been tardy with my feedback.

24/7/06 09:53  

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