Monday, December 19, 2005

Weird Christmas Elves in Melbourne and blogging issues...

Santas Weird Elf Again!
I have tried to post this several times only to find that Blogger has had a problem with mac osx and ecto (the tool I am currently using to blog this entry) when I was on a windows machine I used wBloggar which also experienced quite frequent problems with the API and blogger. I don't blog that often anymore, small wonder...actually I just realised that I haven't made any entries since September, how slack. I guess I've been too pre-occupied taking photographs, along with trying to interact with my family and environment more than with the computer. I find the urge to post comes and goes, but by the time it's goes I haven't actually posted anything! No loss to anyone what with millions of bloggers all over the world adding to the verbage on the net. Some is more informative and interesting than others, mine falls in the "others" category I fear.

Enough rambling. Things are fine this end of course. We are still blessed by circumstances that a great percenatge of the world's populace would be more than happy to exist under.
Weird Elf
The elves I have photographed and posted here are some of many in front of the display windows of the Myer store in the CBD. Traditionally each year this major retailer decorates it's many large windows in Bourke St with a suitably themed display for the season, complete with animatronics, music etc. These elves are part of the crowd control, actually standing as guides so that people can orderly walk past the displays in manageable numbers without causing a great crush. They stand a good 2 meters tall and have this permanent prozac grin on their faces. personally I find them a bit disconcerting! If I don't say anything else this year, let me say this ~ I wish one and all a safe and happy holiday season. (or did I mean to say "Bah, Humbug?")


Blogger Ben said...

He's back!

Glad you're still alive and kicking (and taking many shots!).

Merry Christmas Cam!

19/12/05 23:08  
Blogger meg@mandarin said...

Merry Christmas Cam! Nice to see you out and about.

21/12/05 05:42  
Blogger Amy said...

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, Cam. And here's to a bright and blessed New Year! Cheers!

31/12/05 12:05  

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