Saturday, September 03, 2005

On cries for help...

We had another OD in last night. A socially isolated individual who was really crying for help rather than intentionally trying to top themselves I think. They had even gone to the trouble of packing some bags for the hospital prior to calling the ambulance to tell them they had washed down a few tablets with a generous amount of bourbon.
The trouble is, if the balance tips just a little too much one way they just might succeed (intentionally or not) in removing themselves from the gene pool.
It is a shame that people get so lonely or don't have enough support that they feel their only option to get attention is to do something like this. Is it because we don't have enough social support systems in place for lonely, depressed or psychologically unwell people? In a society that seems more often than not mostly interested in sporting events and "big brother" where is our empathy for the lonely hearted? I know there are supports out there, but of course the ones that need them have to reach out too...they have to seek help, and often in the state of mind they are in, they just don't motivate themselves to do this. Often they have used these services but through one reason or another found they were no help, or didn't want to participate in helping themselves by taking advantage of what is offered and thus gained nothing constructive from them.
I certainly don't know what the answer is. It seems that it is only when high-profile people or those in the media spotlight commit or attempt to commit suicide that it comes to the public's attention...and then seems to fade from attention quickly...

If you are feeling down or know of anyone else who might be in a state of potentially considering self-harm I have placed a few links to some resources listed below in the hope that they might be helpful. There are many more out there, sorry - this is just a few that I found doing a quick google.....

Youth Suicide Prevention
reach out


Blogger Ben said...

Good post, reminds me of some of my musings from a few months ago.

3/9/05 14:07  
Blogger Ted said...

Hi Paramedic here. I believe, we have enough support systems. The problem, is that individuals must reach out (at the end of the day) and take the help that is there. It remains with the rest of us to become a support system (large or small) for the rest of our fellow man. We can't take on the full job every time, but a kind word or nudge in the right direction may be the next step on their path

29/10/05 18:02  
Blogger Craig said...

Touching piece. Especially for me considering I'm one of those that doesn't seek help. From my perspective, nearly everyone I encounter doesn't have the patience nor skills to really care. I can't remember the last time anyone other than my brother asked me how I really was. Not to mention I've had nothing but bad experiences with the services offered to the point I no longer desire to particpate with them nor society at large. I simply can't see a way out of this mess anymore.

12/5/06 06:27  

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