Thursday, August 18, 2005

Depressed despite flowers

I have been so low today. Is it the overcast weather? Is it the toothache? Is it because it's the first day off from a rather busy week in E.D. and still having to deal with sick kids at home? Is it that I'm just a whinging depressive angst filled arsehole? I know not. I have been trying to be cheerful, but I think the winter is finally getting to me...
On a lighter note I have been having fun with Polariod photography and have been taking photographs with a few different Polaroid cameras now that I have found a good online source of Polaroid film Polaroids are fun...I'm finding doing "doubles" with the pack-type films (which some may know as the kind of film you have to peel apart after a certain development time (sitting under my armpit in this cold weather) are appealing to my experimental nature. I shall post a "double" experiment later. I hope everyone is well and more cheerful than I have been today!
P.S. Speaking of Polaroids - coincidently Meg has a tutorial on making pseudo-polaroid borders with css for your images over at Mandarin Design - you can see it here!


Blogger Lord Sedgwick said...

"Is it that I'm just a whinging depressive angst filled arsehole?"

Possibly, and indeed why would you preume that you should be different to the rest us lot? :0)

24/8/05 17:46  
Blogger Ben said...

Glad to hear your enjoying the polaroid - I should pull mine out of the bottom of the cupboard. There's nothing quite like its near-instantaneous, tactile quality.

25/8/05 07:22  
Blogger miro said...

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