Saturday, September 24, 2005

One Day in September

It's that ONE DAY in September - Grand Final Day in Australian League Football. Not that my team (Bulldogs) is playing...but hey. It is the West Coast Eagles and the Sydney Swans that are battling it out today. WooHoo. We are heading over to our friends place to watch the match on Telly and have some party pies and beer. I won't be having too much beer because I am on night duty tonight (however one of the department doctors did suggest I simply get rotten and call an ambulance to arrive to work in)
We will be barracking for the Swans as they haven't had a premiership since 1933 (and I thought the Bulldogs one in '54 was a long time ago) The amount of passion Australians put into sporting events never ceases to amaze me...if half of us placed half as much passion and as much energy into addressing world problems and inequalities, injustices and the like, the world would be a MUCH better place!
Anyhow, enough of that!'s one of my latest Polaroids for you..."Chalk"


Blogger gallimel said...

Hi Cam :)
It was a pleasure to read your message in my blog, as I woke up this morning :)
I couldn't resist and I visited you straight after I read it...
Oh, I wish so much I had the time to be online and talk&chat&exchange art opinions with you and all the others beautiful people I met through Rendo... unfortunately my life still too busy and hectic at the moment, so I have too a few of occasions to be online to use them for hangin out in art sites...I miss incredibly all the vibes I used to find in the community though, and I hope intensively to get back in that empathic environment soon.
Here all is fine though, my life&work&Voluntary activities go well. I hope the same for you, I will read your blog to get some updates on your life dear.
If you get to link in contacts with the people at 2d Forum, send them all my greetings and tell them I miss everybody a lot, but I still think of all the crowd daily :)
My web address is always there, if you want to drop a line :)
Hugs and.. compliments for the chalk picture.. I also added to my Blog Page in the site your photoblogs :) a treasure for everyone's eyes :)
A massive smile to you an your beloveds dear. You made me overjoyed with your message :)
Meli :)

25/9/05 19:47  
Blogger BourbonBird said...

Great post, Cam! Taking a bloggattical? I think it's that time of year (month?) for everyone online...

18/10/05 21:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, Cam, am I imagining things or are you getting SPAMMED on your blog? That is so very bizarre.


22/10/05 11:10  

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